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About Us

Our Vision and Mission

We aim to inspire you through taste, awakening your senses to the magic of Sardinian culinary traditions.

Sardinia’s diverse cultural exchange, has throughout the centuries, created a melting pot for an immensely rich, deep rooted, highly creative cuisine. The island is designated a “Blue Zone” where people live longer and healthier lives than anywhere else on the planet – indeed the superlative Mediterranean diet is even enshrined by UNESCO.

Mery grew up in the middle of the Sardinian mountains learning how to cook using techniques passed down from generations based on farm to table processes. Mery’s village, Seulo, emphasised values of hospitality, inclusivity, and neighbourliness all of which Mery uses as guiding principles for this travel business.

Mery excelled as an experienced travel consultant with proven track records on planning, management and customer satisfaction of tailormade holidays.

Mery was accredited a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management and in 2017 Mery pursued her entrepreneurial travel business dream and so WMTours was born!

Passion, care and dedication are the striking core values of Mery’s travel business concept enabling to become a leading player in the travel tailored made tours.


“I always believed in embedding culture, food & wine’s heritage in order to deliver unforgettable journeys. Let me share my heritage and experience with you through the finest and most beloved tours of my awesome “Blue Zone” island” – Mery.

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