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The spirits, with pride of place going to Abbardente also known as Fil’e Ferru from the times when the country folk set up clandestine stills and hid the product in a hole dug in the countryside, marking the spot with a piece of metal wire stuck in the ground to be sure to find it.

Abbardente in other island realities is a Grappa : in Sardinian language means brandy. Sardinian brandy can be a distillate of marc but, based on the cultures and geographical areas of Sardinia, it can also be a distillate of wine.

Fil’e Ferru: is a distillate  obtained from the best selection of Sardinian pomace.


Sardinia can boast of an ancient and rich liqueur-making tradition drawing on the generous and varied abundance of endemic and wild plants which mark the island’s landscape. Sardinian liqueurs, in their wonderful simplicity, express distinctive flavours and aromas, well-balanced and integrated with a water, alcohol, and sugar or honey solution with moderate alcohol content.


Liquore di Villacidro

Other specialities include: the original Liquore di Villacidro from an ancient recipe based on saffron and aniseed.



Mirto: Rosso, Biano o Verde 

Some of the best known and appreciated Sardinian liqueurs are Mirto Rosso (red myrtle) a dark intensely aromatic liqueur, obtained from the purple berries of the myrtle plant, picked by hand and immediately processed.

White or Green Myrtle a transparent or slightly green liqueur obtained from the fresh shoots of the same plant.


Finocchietto: obtained by maceration of wild fennel flowers.

Elicriso: obtained by maceration of dried Helichrysum.

Pomegranate: liqueur obtained from selected areas and  hand-picked during the ripening period.

Prickly Pears: liqueur obtained from delicious sweet fruits with honey infusion.

Strawberry tree: liqueur obtained from infusion of ripped berries.




In una tassa de  filaverru bada unu mundu de iscoprire, contus de binjas, axinas de calidade superiore e meda traballus sapientes e antigus…………


In a glass of grappa there is a whole world to discover: stories of vineyards, of high-quality raw materials and very complex and refined processes.


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