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Cured Meats

All these delicatessens are part of Sardinian tradition making some dishes unique to this region of Italy.

Su Mannali di Tonio Moi,

Hotel Miramonti di Patrizia Moi,

Giovanni Ghiani Ecomuseo Seulo and

Carlo Murgia – Seulo


Essentially pressed neck, its production is limited and in high demand. The curing is done in in natural conditions with a harmonious use of salt and spices.

Guanciale (Pressed cheek):

Preserved like smoked ham it is salted, peppered and pressed. It is prepared with the fat covering the cheek and part of the neck. It is often used to flavor Sardinian dishes.

Lardo and Pancetta:

The fat of pork bellies is preserved much like ham. There are several variations such as Pancetta rifilata. Curing is about a month and a half so it can be eaten raw or used in sauces.


Pork filet is prepared in the same way as the meat used in making sausages. It can be cured or eaten fresh when roasted or fried.

Sardinian Prosciutto (Raw ham):

Traditionally the food of peasants, it is among the finest quality meat in the country. The finished product is tasty, aromatic and bright red.

“Su Sartizzu” Sardinian Salsiccia

Represents the Sardinian cured salami par fineness. It is Made with meat cuts of various sizes; it can be marinated in vinegar or wine before cutting. It is then mixed with herbs and spices and hung to dry. Smoking can also add flavour whilst fresh sausage can be fried or roasted.

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