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Fruits & Nuts




These juicy berries found the ideal habitat in Sardinia warm climate. Best regions for their cultivation are Arborea, Valledoria, Alghero, Siniscola,  Giba, Castiadas  and Capoterra.








Are fruits with many beneficial virtues, rich in mineral and vitamins. In Sardinia grow particularly in Bonorva, Burcei, Villacidro and Bonnanaro towns. Bonnanaro cherries are known within the island for is particularly quality.










In Sardinia both Chandler and Sella varieties have found their best habitat particularly in Arborea area and Campidano region.










Trees are spotted throughout the region and most gardens boast their own orchards and vegetable plots.






Peaches are widely cultivated in Sardinia and are largely used to aromatise a glass of wine by adding delicious pieces to it.











Loquat fruits, grow in clusters with a smooth or downy, yellow or orange skin and a juicy white flesh.









Arbutus Berry bushes start in winter with ivory blossoms and when ripe, are sweet and aromatic. They not only help to create liqueurs but also help bees to produce flavourful honeys.









This cactus plant can be found in all different Sardinian landscape. These fruits are eaten fresh and can be used to make jams and liqueurs.












Quince is cultivated on all continents in warm-temperate climates. Fruits are typically left on the tree to ripen fully. Throughout history in Sardinia quinces are eaten cooked, well known for jams and decoction.



Maju callenti frutas baratasa

Sunny May inexpensive fruit






A fundamental tree for the survival of locals over the centuries, Chestnut has nourished animals and helped produce the most exquisite honey.  The majestic Mandrolisai and Barbagia regions, beside the Gennargentu mountains, are their perfect habitat.


 Almonds, Hazelnuts and Walnuts

Originally from the Mediterranean walnuts are rich in omega-3 fats and contain higher amounts of antioxidants than most other foods. In Sardinia they are used for snacking, desserts, salads and luxurious oil.

Similarly, hazelnuts are used in the traditional sweets such as Torrone as well as almonds from the southern regions such as Tuili and Sanluri Town.




Deus sa nughe a dadu a chie non podede mazziare!

God has given nuts to one who has no teeth!





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