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A Scenic Route

Crossing over the western Mediterranean you will discover a strip of land with a coastline of fine sand, crystal clear water, and an extraordinary charm. This is Sardinia.


“Life in Sardinia is probably the best a man can wish: twenty-four-thousand kilometres of forests, countryside,
shores immersed in a miraculous sea, this corresponds to what I would suggest God to give us as Paradise.
” (Fabrizio De André, 1996)

The land of thousand colours; from the emerald coasts to the yellow and red blooms on the hills, to a myriad of greens in the heart of the island; all interwoven with the burning, warm colours of the summertime.



Sardinia has treasured its geographic position, maintaining its own special culture and traditions, defending them throughout time.




A place of indescribable beauty still to be explored; architectural, archaeological, handcrafts; genuine products and folklore; a land which completely fascinates those who visit with its authenticity, the mysterious wind, captivating wild beauty and its hospitality which is an inherent characteristic of all its in habitants.


One of the most important aspects of the Sardinian culture is certainly the value given to festivals and holy days. Participating in these manifestations means going back in time and becoming immersed in an antique culture rich in colours and sounds which make us remember times gone by.




Sas diversidades in natura sunu cumente is’ispezias  de sa vida ettottu, chi  gustos esapore le dana…….

Variety is the very spice of life, which gives it all its flavour ……. 
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