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Sant’Efisio, the feast of Sardinia

This feast, from 1 – 4 May, in Cagliari, is both engaging and passionate. The street is lined with a procession of 3500 people in traditional clothes. There is a vow to Sant’Efisio, the warrior saint. The ritual has been repeated almost four centuries.

The procession is a feast of flowers, costume and culture with various pious stops and celebrations of the faithful. The streets are covered with “arramadura”: a brightly coloured, scented carpet of petals and fragrant essences. Horses and riders parade the streets with elaborate vehicles pulled by oxen.

With this vow, the municipality promised to take the statue of the Saint in procession from the place where Sant’Efisio was imprisoned, in the neighborhood of Stampace, to the beach of Nora,  where he suffered martyrdom. The plague ended.


A pilgrimage of about 65 km: this is one of the oldest and longest in the world, with colours and dresses from all the municipalities presented. The unique and unmistakable sound of the launeddas resounds during the day of May 1st and warms the hearts of the faithful and all those who attend the procession dedicated to Sant’Efisio.

Chie non iscultat consizos, andat in hora mala!

Anyone who does not listen to advice easily falls into error!


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